Contiki Traveler

I recently attended a mixer event that was put on by Ambassador Travel and Contiki. I would not have taken the leap and signed up for this trip if it were not for the friendly and well-informed staff at Ambassador Travel.

Caina, Appleton, WI


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Traci W.

I have been using Ambassador Travel for all our travel needs. They have been wonderful to work with and very informative especially during these crazy uncertain times. Ben has been great with information, bookings, and all my crazy questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone!! You won’t regret it!

Robert G.

Always super helpful. The wife and I have been using them for years to book our yearly winter vacation and it has always been a fantastic experience. I would definitely recommend Ambassador Travel to anyone looking to take the legwork out of planning a big vacation.

Joy M.

Connie has been amazing to work with. We were introduced in the fall of 2019 to book our first time through a travel agent for a destination wedding in the Dominican. She was patient all our questions. I think my step-dad called almost daily with questions leading up to our departure. No hiccups or surprises or anything!