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Wine Not

Looking to take a family vacation in a non-traditional family vacation destination? Have you considered Napa Valley, California? Before you think, "no way, my kids are young and we aren’t even big wine drinkers", let me show you how much more this beautiful area of the country has to offer.

The Napa Valley is located just 90 miles north of exciting San Francisco. So even if you don’t want to spend a whole week in wine country it’s definitely worth a day or weekend trip.

Napa Valley is known for much more than just their vineyards. This area of the country produces some of the most delicious olive oils in the country. Here you can tour mills, learn about the process of cultivating the olives as well as harvesting and production. Sample some of the products and pick some up for yourself and your loved ones. Olive oil makes a great gift for the chef in your life. And speaking of chefs Napa Valley is known for its world class cuisine. Whether you are interested in cooking or just plain old eating you can’t go wrong. Take a family cooking class at the Silverado Cooking School and learn how to make some delicious meals. Or head out to one of several world class restaurants in the area.

Because this is a tourist destination there is a lot of great local and commercial shopping in the area. Hand made goods, local products and much more await your shopping trip in the Napa Valley. Make sure to check out the world famous Market.

Napa is also home to hot springs as well as several world class spas. Between a good mud bath, hot spring scrub or facial you will be on a vacation from your vacation.

Now I know I mentioned above that Napa is a trip for everyone and you don’t need to center it around wine, but lets be honest, you didn’t go all the way to Napa without having at least one glass. Lucky for you there are over 400 vineyards and wineries in the area. Each offering a unique experience whether you are interested in tours, tasting or learning how to pair certain wines with the delicious food you cooked earlier.

Although this trip may be more suited for a romantic getaway, or a fun girls weekend all of these fun actives just go to show that you can enjoy family fun in even the most unconventional cities. If you would like more information on the Napa Valley whether you are going adults only or want the kids to tag along we can help. Ambassador Travel Ltd. 920.236.7777 or

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