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By: Karter Kaminske

Boutique River Cruises

The staff is outstanding! These individuals will go above and beyond to ensure they are providing outstanding customer service. This goes much further than warm and welcoming staff members. The company’s goal is to provide their guests with unforgettable experiences. Staff will cater to your every need no matter how big or small the task. They go as far to remember guests drink orders from the previous day, these individuals will wander off the ship to provide guests with goodies and treats. Just to see them smile. Here you receive our crews undivided attention! Guests are treated like family in this family-owned business.

Onboard the ship guests will be served world- class cookery. These dishes are prepared by master chefs! All ingredients used in these dishes are freshly sourced from just miles away and locally grown. There are healthier meal options with less calories, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options available to accommodate all guests. Uniworld treats culinary as a beautiful piece of artwork. If you remain skeptical check it out yourself!

Guests’ health and wellness needs are well looked after here at Uniworld. There are experts on board the boat to help aid guests in yoga and other trainings. A program called “Let’s Go” is offered which helps guests stay healthy and active during their cruise. In this program guests will be indulging in adventure, creating lasting memories and enjoying beautiful scenery. Some of these excursions include hiking, kayaking, golfing tours, biking and so much more.

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