Use a Travel Advisor

I have a confession to make. I’ve never personally used a travel advisor. My high school used one for our DisneyWorld band trip and my University of Wisconsin-Madison study abroad to Xi’an, China used one but never for my personal trips. I come from a family who’s idea of vacation is road trips and staying with family or friends. Creating itineraries and the details of booking hotels, transfers, flights, and excursions was one of my favorite hobbies. Therefore in my mind, it’s always made sense for me to just book my vacations on my own.

My outlook on using a travel advisor changed when I planned a Costa Rican yoga retreat for my mom and me. We both love yoga and wanted a fun mother-daughter tropical, relaxing vacation. Everything I was seeing online was over our budget. I found a cheap website to book our yoga retreat where we’d get two meals and two yoga classes a day and the stay at the resort. It looked perfect! It was in the jungle right on the beach and in our budget. We booked it and were very excited for our trip!