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Traveling with a Toddler while Pregnant

With almost six months till our vacation, our flights were booked and the perfect all inclusive resort was reserved. We knew traveling with a young child would be a different vacation than we were used to but we were excited to make memories. When we found out I was pregnant three months before the trip, I knew my all inclusive experience would be much different than I anticipated.

Always consult with your doctor but flying while pregnant is generally considered safe through 36 weeks. I only had very mild nausea and knew I’d feel good enough to make the trip and travel while pregnant. Although I knew I wouldn’t be sipping a Corona, margarita or strawberry daiquiri from the swimup bar, I still wanted to enjoy the warm weather and relax. Going on vacation while pregnant is just as enjoyable with mocktails by the pool. The new trend of a babymoon can be a great way for a couple to connect and relax before a baby comes along.

Traveling with young kids can be very stressful but also incredibly rewarding. Flying with a toddler should be considered a sport. You have to prep snacks, have a plan to solve boredom and be on your game the whole time. I bought a large weekly pill organizer and filled it with snacks. It served as both a toy to open and close and a container to hold goldfish, raisins, fruit snacks and more. Coloring books that have the magical paper that only need one marker to color everything also kept her attention. The memories of the struggle of air travel are replaced by the precious memories of the squeals of joy splashing in the pool and running through the sand. With a little bit of extra planning and a lot of patience, a vacation with kids can be a memorable experience for all. No matter the stage of life you’re in, a vacation is always a good idea.

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