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Travel Hacks

This morning I decided to scour the internet in search of great travel hacks. I love Pinterest because it makes me feel completely incompetent for not thinking of these amazing ideas myself. I truly do not understand how anyone knew how to do anything before the internet. And the fact that we can share our genius ideas with the world deserves a prize. Travel brings its own set of complications, and with these travel hacks you will be able to be that much more efficient while away.

1. If you have ever arrived at your destination ready to put on your swim suit and head to the pool only to find shampoo exploded in your suitcase then this is the perfect hack for you. Unscrew the cap to your soaps and cover it with a small piece of saran wrap and screw the cap back on. Now you are double protected from a soapy situation.

2. Silicone cupcake wrappers in your car’s cup holders. I don’t know if any of you are like me, but my cup holders get disgusting. I don’t even know how it happens. One day my car is spotless and then all the sudden its just sticky pennies at the bottom of my cup holder. These little babies make it much easier to just pop them out throw them in the dishwasher and put them back in.

3. Clothes pins to hold up your toothbrush while you’re on vacation. Traveling is always stressful even on the most relaxing vacations. Not being in your own space means thinking ahead. No one wants to leave their toothbrush on the counter of a hotel bathroom sink. No matter how clean it is, who knows what has gone on, on that sink. A clothes pin will allow you to prop your toothbrush up and keep the germs away.

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