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Tequila Tour

Being from Wisconsin most of us can say we have taken a distillery or brewery tour. I mean, our baseball

team is named after beer. But how many of us have done a tequila tour? This cool experience is a great excursion for your next Mexican vacation. Learn about the authentic process and rich history that goes into the production of tequila. Tours can show the culture, farming practices, and culinary art of this centuries old process.

Tequila, according to Mexican law, can only be produced in the State of Jalisco and limited regions in neighboring states. Because it’s cultural ties Mexicans believe strongly in producing only the best. Check out two of the most popular distilleries for your next adventure.

Sauza: Founded in 1873 by Don Cenobia Sauza this famous brand is distributed world wide. Enjoy a relaxing day at the on-site bar and restaurant that looks over the grounds of the facility. Suaza also produces: Conmemorativo, Hornitos as well as Tres Generacions tequilas. There are a variety of different experiences offered on sight. Visit the botanical gardens and even help plant and harvest your own agave crops.

Jose Cuervo: With over 3.5 million cases exported every year to the U.S. alone, Jose Cuervo is one of the most popular tequilas ever. Here many different tours and tastings are offered Monday- Saturday, there is even an VIP experience. You will learn the history of 2 centuries worth of production and have the chance to bottle your very own tequila. Make sure to get over to the bar and restaurant onsite where you will be shown what meals pair well with different tequila drinks.

Tequila is a part of Mexican culture and offers a great excursion on your next trip to Mexico. Give us a call today to set up your next Mexican adventure with excursions to one of these fabulous tours. or 920.236.7777

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