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Southern California

Southern California is an excellent vacation destination. Over the last 2 years we have seen an increase in domestic travel, as people have wanted to explore closer to home. California is a very large state, with much to offer, however Southern California on its own has multiple vacation destinations.

The US just watched the Super Bowl hosted in Los Angeles and got a small glimpse into Southern California. As a resident of Los Angeles for two years, I barely even scratched the surface of all the area has to offer. I always see those “visit California” commercials that talk about being able to see and do everything in California and they are actually true. Whether you want to get lost in nature on a hike, surf in the ocean, shop with celebrities, golf on lush greens in a desert, relax by a pool almost all year round, eat in some of the best restaurants, explore Hollywood history, take in a sports event, frolic with a famous mouse, etc, etc, etc. Truly this list is endless. Writing this almost makes me wonder why I moved back to the Midwest but I digress.

Three major cities to visit in Southern California are Los Angeles, Palm Springs and San Diego. The biggest of the three is LA which is a sprawling city set among the ocean and mountains with neighboring cities like Long Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu and Anaheim (Disneyland). Palm Springs is about 2 hours away from LA in the desert surrounded by mountains and Joshua Tree National Park. San Diego is the furthest south surrounded by the ocean and about a 3 hour drive from LA. They each offer something different but I feel they all make for a fabulous vacation destination.

Follow along with my next three blog posts on the three destinations and why they make for the perfect long weekend trips or in combination a great 10+ day ultimate Southern California vacation!

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