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Potato Pancakes

Although we are all anxious to get back to our normal travel routines, sometimes staycations are necessary. In the age of COVID and travel restrictions we can't always get to and access our favorite travel locations and with this some of our favorite foods. In these cases, we can bring the vacation to you.

One great way to enjoy your favorite foods from afar is to make them at home. For me, potato pancakes, or the German word for them -- Reibekuchen, transport me right back to my favorite restaurants in Germany. After high school I spent time as an Au Pair in Germany and one of the things I miss most outside the language, the beer, and the stunning architecture, is, of course, the food!

Reibekuchen, or potato pancakes (similar to latkes or hash browns) are served with applesauce and cream fraiche or sour cream. Food always transports me to another place and time, reminding me of how much I love traveling to Germany. When I make Reibekuchen at home, I am instantly transported to my favorite spots in Germany. If you are missing travel this is a great way to enjoy a small piece of your favorite locations until you can be there again.

I am including a recipe for Reibekuchen here:

Now is the time to start cooking up some of your favorite international recipes, and in the meantime contact us at Ambassador Travel to book your upcoming trip! 920.236.7777 or

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