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Ouzo, Greek Cocktail

One of the best, and most fun ways to learn about a country's culture is through food and drink. Today we are talking about Greece's famous liquor known as Ouzo.

This anise flavored liqueur is the national beverage of Greece, but it can also be found in Cyprus. It became an exclusively Greek product in 2006, similar to Sangria of Spain and Portugal as well as Champagne to the Champagne region of France.

First created by monks in the 14th century in Mt. Athos, Ouzo didn’t go into modern production until the 19th century. The first distillery was located in Tyrnavos in 1856 and owned by Nikolaus Katsaros, which is where one of the most popular brands of Ouzo comes from–Ouzo Tyrnavos.

Generally taken as a shot, the drink can also be served with water on the rocks. It is known as an aperitif, which means a before dinner drink or part of happy hour. Generally served with appetizers such as fish, olives and feta cheese. Ouzo tastes similar to absinthe (or Jaeger) because of its anise flavor. But became much more popular with the banning of Absinthe during the 20th century.

If you want to try this cultural cocktail where it was conceived contact us today to discuss travel to Greece.

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