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Jet Boat Adventures

Connie Ruedinger has traveled far and wide and experienced culture, adventure and much more. One of her favorite memories is jet boating in New Zealand.

“While in Queenstown, New Zealand we did a nature hike, where our guide proceeded to point out different locations that were filmed for Lord of the Rings. We then took a jet boat ride through the riverways where they do 360 turns and you have a really great time. The company we used was shotover jet. I would definitely do it again in a heart beat.”

According to "Jet boating is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and can be enjoyed the whole year round. Sit back, buckle yourself in and feel the acceleration.

The jet boat was developed in the 1950s by New Zealand farmer William (Bill) Hamilton, to allow navigation of the shallow Canterbury rivers. However, enterprising New Zealanders soon realised its potential as an adventure activity.

A New Zealand jet boat ride will take you powering through narrow river gorges, almost brushing against sheer rock faces; or skimming across the surface of water channels that weave through the shingle banks of braided rivers."

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