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Italy -- A Destination for Everyone

Italy, Italy, Italy.... oh, what a place to be. One of the best locations in the world for your next adventure. Whether you are a food junkie, a wine lover, or a history buff there is something for everyone in this beautiful country. Italy is home to it all - the rural countryside which is home to some of the best views in Europe or the big cities packed with tourists and history galore you simply can't miss Italy.

Did you know that Italy has a 24-hour FREE wine fountain? Or that Italy is home to 3 active volcanoes?

If you are looking for history - Italy is home to 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 55 in one country is more than any other country in the world. From the Colosseum in Rome, to the stunning Amalfi Coast you are packed with history no matter where you turn. Did you know that the Colosseum was built and given as a gift to the Roman's back in 70 A.D. Another fun fact about the Colosseum is that if you book your trip through a travel agency, you can set up a skip the line tour so you don't have to wait hours to get inside. You are even able to set up VIP experiences given the time of year and availability

If history isn't your thing - food just may do the trick. Since the 4th century B.C Italians have eaten pasta... that is over 2,400 years of pasta. Naples, Italy is home to the invention of the world's favorite food - PIZZA. In 1860 the first pizza was made in the Campania region of Naples, Italy. This pizza was made with a tomato base and if you are looking for the world's best pizza Naples, Italy is the place to be.

Trivia: Do you know how many espressos Italians drink each year? Keep reading to find out!

One of the world's most historic countries sits inside of Italy. Vatican city is about 1/8th the size of New York City's Central Park which makes it the smallest country in the world. Each day tens of thousands of visitors come to this country to see the Sistine Chapel, St Peter's Cathedral and much more. Our favorite way of taking in this tiny country is with a privately escorted tour or with a tour group, this way you are able to get a guided experience of the most popular sites and gain extra knowledge you wouldn't have by yourself. Crossing an additional country of your list is another great reason to travel to Italy.

You really didn't think we were going to go this entire time without making more of a mention of wine, did you? Italy is the world's largest producer of wine - 54,800 hectoliters of wine are produced each year leading to $7.3 billion worth of exports. What better way to drink wine then with a nice pairing of Italian cheese. With over 2,500 types of cheese there is sure to be one that fits your style while indulging on a savory local wine.

Trivia Answer: 14 BILLION espressos are consumed each year by Italians. There are over 20,000 baristas in Italy alone. If you are wondering if you too could become a barista - as of today there are 285 open jobs in Milan, Italy! Let us know when you are moving and we will be sure to send some people to come visit you.

Whether you are looking to plan a trip to some of the biggest cities or a place where you may have ancestors from - you can be assured we are you experts to get you to any city in Italy. As tourism to Europe comes back post pandemic, we are sure that traveling to Italy from the US should be on the top of your bucket list. You don't want to miss out on being someone who doesn't get to enter Italy this year and take in the incredible history, food, and experiences. There are over 5 million American's traveling to Italy each year - if you are wondering about the requirements for US to Italy travel feel free to reach out and we would be happy to help!

Our team LOVES Italy but what we LOVE more is helping our travelers experience it for themselves. We can't wait to work on your next adventure with you wherever it may be but we sure hope it might be Italy! | 920.236.7777

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