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“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”

I was recently reminded of the Susan Sontag quote “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”.

This quote fully describes me. Often while on vacation or a work trip, I’ll be planning and dreaming about my travel bucket list. Unfortunately though, the quote is true. I haven’t been everywhere…yet.

I’ve never been to Hawaii which is why I took the course to become a Hawaii destination specialist. As a new advisor at Ambassador Travel agency, I knew I’d need to help clients determine which of the stunning Hawaiian islands was right for their vacation. Which is why I’ve started planning my own bucket list trip to O’ahu as my first experience in Hawaii travel. I don’t enjoy renting cars so I plan to stay on Waikiki beach to be able to walk to a trail to hike Diamond Head volcano from my hotel and take a day trip to see

Pearl Harbor because I’m a WWII history nerd. If you love taking a scenic drive around an island in a rented convertible or Jeep, I’d recommend staying on the island of Maui and driving the road to Hana. If you want to go river kayaking to Wailua Falls, Kauai is the island for you.

On a Disney cruise, I stopped in the port of Falmouth near Montego Bay and knew I wanted to see more of Jamaica. The travel bucket list manages to keep growing even during a vacation. I earned the Jamaica Travel Specialist to help clients find the perfect vacation package in the right Jamaican city for them. Kingston Jamaica is the destination for those interested in pirates and learning about “the wickedest city in the world” the now sunken city, Port Royal. Ocho Rios is near the birthplace of Bob Marley and home to picturesque Dunn’s River Falls.

If reading about these destinations has increased the countries and cities on your bucket list, let’s make your travel bucket list a reality.

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