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Food is one of the main reasons I travel. I dream of experiencing the perfect 4-hour, multiple course, several bottles of wine meal at a quaint little Italian restaurant with a view of the Trevi fountain. I have a problem that often interferes with that dream. I get hangry. I become irritable and indecisive if it’s been too long between meals.

Tourist trap restaurants line the streets of the popular destinations you’re walking to and from. They lure you in with pictures of the food and menus in every language. They make it easy for someone who is hangry to give up their hopes of the perfect, quaint restaurant experience so they can just eat and feel better. I’ve been trapped by those restaurants. I’ve had the mediocre, overpriced food and been physically satisfied but sad that I wasted a mealtime that could have included the perfect Margherita pizza.

To avoid these pitfalls I now do what I do best: plan. Once I book a vacation, I begin researching

restaurants in the parts of the city I want to explore. I like to “Star” the restaurants in Google Maps so that while I’m out and about and starting to get hungry I can look up a restaurant I already know I’m interested in that’s in the area.

This method saved me on my second visit to Rome. After I climbed the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, I knew I didn’t have to settle. I had a pizza place “Starred” nearby which offered a chef’s tasting of delicious pizza with an almost focaccia-like crust. My head, heart, and stomach were satisfied.

Often my inspiration to “Star” restaurants on Google Maps is travel food shows like Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives for domestic travel and Anthony Bourdain and Rick Steves for international travel. When I watch an episode, I look up the restaurants and save them even if I’m not going to that city anytime soon. My bucket list trips are always in development.

If you suffer from getting hangry like me or travel to experience the food, let me help you book your trip and provide advice on where to eat and drink.

Contact Natalie | | 920.236.7777

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