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Fulfill your Hawaiian Experience with these Tasty Dishes!

By: Karter Kaminske

Hawaiian Plate: This meal consists of two scoops of rice, mac salad and an entrée of some type of protein this can be (grilled teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, kalua, shrimp, or fish). The protein type often depends on the restaurant. If the plate has more than one entrée it is considered a mixed plate.

Saimin: A noodle soup dish. The ingredients found in this dish includes wheat egg noodles, green onions, thin slices of kamaboko (seafood) sliced eggs and spam. This dish is considered a comfort food in the Hawaiian culture.

Poke: The traditional dish consists of cubed raw fish, maui onions, inamona, limu, soy sauce, green onions, or sesame oil. This dish is served as both an appetizer and entrée. Poke is not just a meal. It’s a way of life in the Hawaiian culture.

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