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European Vacations

Planning a European vacation is a daunting but exciting task. There are 44 unique countries with countless cities which provides endless possibilities for a vacation. I recommend starting the planning process by thinking about where you want to go and how long you have for your vacation. Often because the flights to Europe are long and expensive, it’s a great idea to pair a few cities together and spend at least ten days. As a travel advisor, there’s three main ways I book clients to tour around Europe: on a guided group tour, via cruise or Fully Independent Traveler (FIT). A guided group tour is a wonderful option for first time Europe travelers that want to be led to the famous sites by a professional, solo travelers or people who enjoy spending time with groups and being shuttled to experiences. Cruises, whether on the many European rivers or in the Mediterranean, offer a great option to tour several stops in Europe while only having to unpack your suitcase once. FIT vacations are for those who want to explore on their own schedule. I’ve been focusing on FIT trips with my clients lately.

I work with my clients to understand what they want to see and do on their trip. We work to create an outline of how many days to spend in each city and how to get to and from them. Europe has a fantastic system of fast trains that connect cities and countries with great views but sometimes to get the most time spent exploring, a flight is a better use of time. I then work with various suppliers to put together the perfect itinerary which may include intercontinental and inter Europe flights, hotels, tours and excursions, trains, private ground transportation, and travel insurance. Planning a multi-week Europe trip can be overwhelming due to the thousands of hotel options, figuring out how to get to and from places and what monuments to see. As a travel advisor with connections to suppliers who work directly with European hotels, airlines, train companies and tour guides, I strive to make the planning process seamless and fun.

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