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Imagine strolling the streets of Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom and Canada all in one day. Although this seems impossible, the magic of Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park World Showcase area makes it seem possible. During the

EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival held usually around August through November, there’s even more food and wine that will transport you around the globe in one day. Along with the cuisine from the previously mentioned countries that are staples year-round at EPCOT, the International Food & Wine Festival brings in additional global marketplaces with small

samplings of food and drinks. From a Guinness Bailey’s shake with chocolate shavings on top from Ireland to a roasted lamb chop from Australia. With global options that also feature foods for those with dietary restrictions such as an Impossible burger slider with a wasabi cream sauce and a gluten free korma chicken with basmati rice, there’s a dish to please everyone in your group.

Pair your tour around the world with dinner at the newly opened EPCOT Space 220 restaurant; a space themed restaurant that feels like you’re on a ride with a window view of earth from your table with spaceships and satellites flying by. The food items on the prefix menu such as Neptuna Tartare and Starry Calamari, fall in line with the theme. The cocktails and mocktails also get in on the fun with Lightyear Lemonade and a Stargarita.

If you can’t make it for the EPCOT International

Food & Wine Festival, they also host the International Festival of the Holidays, International Flower & Garden Festival and International Festival of the Arts. There’s always something extra fun to look forward to on your Disney World vacation!

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