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The door to the mysterious world loved by so many including famed writer and drinker Ernest Hemingway, has been cracked open over the last few years. Cuba, land of unrivaled beaches, strong rums, flavorful cigars, and culture all of it's own, provides great recipes for cocktail drinks.

Hemingway spent much of his time in Cuba, and was a known-lover of daiquiris.

Daiquiri is the name of a beach and iron mine in Santiago, Cuba. It was invented during the Spanish-American war and centers around rum, citrus and sugar as well as other sweeteners.

If you know anything about Ernest Hemingway, you won't be surprised that his Daiquiri is a double. If Hemingway was famous for his writing, then he was infamous for his drinking.


3 ¾ ounces white rum

2 ounces fresh lime juice

2 ounces fresh grapefruit juice

6 drops maraschino liqueur


Blend all ingredients well with ice, and serve in a large chilled goblet.

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