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Disney Cruise

A Disney cruise can often be the perfect family vacation. There is something to love for every age group. Character experiences, onboard activities for kids of all ages, luxurious spa for adults and depending on the itinerary, whole family firework dance parties on the deck. All of this while floating through gorgeous ocean water, hopping to different tropical islands and you only have to unpack your suitcase once.

I had the great fortune of being on my first cruise with my in laws in February of 2019. All 12 of us Steenbergs were able to come together for a 7-night western Carribean cruise on a Disney Fantasy ship. Logistically, this was the perfect vacation for our large family. All of our staterooms were on the same level near each other so we could easily pull pranks by writing silly messages on our doors or more practically find one another to walk to and from boat activities. We had the later dinner reservation time and were able to all sit at the same table each night with no hassle of finding a big enough table for 12 people that suited all of our food wants. I don’t think OpenTable even goes up to 12 people. If we were on land, finding a spot for all of us for dinner each night would have been an absolute nightmare. We had the same two fabulous waiters each night who got to know us and anticipate our wants. They treated our rowdy bunch like royalty which is the Disney way. The many on-land port excursion options allowed all of us to explore whatever we were interested in with our siblings, parents and significant others.

Even with all of these amazing features of a cruise, not everyone on the trip had their best vacation ever. My husband is a very active guy who likes to have something to do all of the time. He enjoys being able to walk, run, rollerblade, and bike to outdoor activities. The ship was too confining for him. The basketball court on our Fantasy ship closed at 6pm and dinner wasn’t until 8pm. The wait time to get off the ship at some ports can sometimes be long. He wasn’t prepared with activities for the downtimes. He did however enjoy the unlimited food throughout the day.

Cruising is not for everyone. But if you like lounging on multiple gorgeous beaches, sleeping in the same room each night, eating all you want with all of your friends and family at one table, receiving world class service, enjoying Disney magic and more on a once in a lifetime vacation, maybe Disney cruising is for you. I know I had a wonderful vacation and can’t wait to go again. Here’s to hoping we can all get back to cruising (even my husband). Contact me if you’d like to book your cruise today!

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