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Covid Test for the Whole Family

I recently took my first trip as a Travel Advisor with Ambassador Travel. I made the decision to travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my husband, 13-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. Family travel and giving our children worldly experiences has always been a top priority for my husband and myself. When I received the opportunity to travel to one of the best places to visit in Mexico it was an easy decision.

We packed up and traveled to Mexico from the US. I know what you're thinking- Sara there is a pandemic going on, you're going to need a Covid test when flying from Mexico back to the US, you're taking your children! Yes, yes, I heard them all but we were ready and prepared. Did you know that many of the best places to go in Mexico offer testing right on site. The same places to visit in Mexico also offer complimentary two weeks stay with a companion if you should test positive. We were off to Mexico laptops in tow just in case. I was not going to let Covid take another vacation from me. We stayed at the brand-new Dreams Bahia Mita and they made traveling to Mexico right now easy. We simply made our appointment to test with the Concierge when we arrived. It just needs to be within 72 hours before flying back into the US. We were handed a sheet of paper with our appointment time and

the location of testing. I recommend making your appointment for right after breakfast so it does not interfere with your activities for the day. You'll need to bring your passports along for the test. The day of our test we arrived with our passports in hand and after a quick run back to the room to grab the required appointment form (no vacation is without a little mishap 🙂) we were seated and waiting for our tests.

All four of us were called into the testing room together and passports were documented. It was test time. A nurse gave us each a "extra-large Q-Tip" as my 10-year-old called it and we circled our nostrils 3 times as instructed. We then waited for our results outside of the testing room. The nurse came out after about 5 minutes and gave us our paper work stating we were all negative. The whole process from start to finish took about 10 minutes. Having to test was definitely not a reason to visit one of the best places to go in Mexico. Travel to Mexico now the memories are worth it!

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