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Cabo is for Families!

Look no further than Cabo San Lucas for activities for the whole family!

Attend a Cooking Class

Make memories with your kids, while making a whole meal from scratch! This rewarding experience will be fun while teaching real life skills. Why not take your family for a taste of authentic Mexican culture through a cooking class.

Have a Family Spa Day

Just four miles outside Cabo San Lucas, Esperanza offers a spa that caters to children. Choose from

chocolate facials, foot scrubs, full body massages and more! It is never too early to teach the kids

self-care. Enjoy this relaxing experience with those you love most.

Wild Canyon Adventures

Check out the camel quest! Interesting enough camels are very loveable animals. You and your family will learn tons about camels. In addition, you will get to pet, ride, and interact with them and participate in tons of exciting challenges and games in this quest!

Sea Turtle Release

Learn more about sea turtles and their habitats by adopting a baby sea turtle and releasing it back into the wild. Not only is this a fun activity, but it is also teaching the kids about making a difference in the world.

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