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Adventures in Pairings

Often times going on vacation means we get to experience different things that we don’t normally at home. One of my favorite things, is the food. One of my absolute favorite vacation memories is getting to do a wine and food pairings dinner in Italy. I love learning about which sorts of wines go with with sorts of cheese and meat combinations. I have rarely ever used this information at home, aside from drinking red wine with red sauces and red meats and white wine with seafood and chicken I don’t take the time to carefully select my wines to go with my foods. If you are a wine lover, but don't know exactly what wines pair with foods you normally eat, don't fret, you aren't alone!

I decided to search out the best wine pairings to go with foods we eat in our regular lives. I tried trout brain, snails and tangerine infused risotto in Italy, some of the best foods I have ever eaten, but not anything I make at home. Attached you will find a list of 10 fun foods to pair with wines. This lists includes chips, burgers and tv dinners, much more realistic than trout brain.

Do you have wine that you love to pair with odd ball foods? Now, I have to dive head first into this bowl of potatoe chips and my favorite French Champagne.

Pairings list:

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