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A 12 Year Old, a 9 Year Old, and a Mom who Wouldn't Give Up!

2020 was tough for us all. We are a vacationing family and 2020 was going to be our year! We were making our way back to Asia to visit friends and eat until we burst. Then a visit back to Disney World the day after school ended. Galaxy Edge, Slinky Dog and Belle here we come! And then Covid happened..... Cancelation upon cancellation.. We'll still make it to Disney at the end of May right?

Wrong!! What about the 4th of July it'll be all good by then! WRONG!! How about Labor day week and a upgraded hotel? The Yacht Club? And then because of my hardworking travel advisor, miracles were happening and mountains were being moved!

We NEED a vacation and were going masks and all! Not only was it a well needed vacation it was THE BEST VACATION! The Yacht Club with Stormalong Bay was amazing. We all loved the waterslide and the sand bottom pool. With reduced park hours we actually swam because we didn't feel as though we were missing something at the parks. We actually relaxed. My husband and I were able to sip on a cocktail and laugh about the days memories as the kids visited Beaches and Creams carry out window.

The parks at reduced capacity didn't mean less to do it meant we could do more! We rode Space Mountain 4 times in a row walking on each time! We did each track twice one time each with our eyes closed. We loved the social distancing markers; it was glorious to not have bodies bumping into us. No food plan--no problem. We tried restaurants that we never would have because they would not have fit into our credit count. Try the Brown Derby-- We did twice!!

If you can squeeze in a trip before we get back to normal do it. Normal isn't all it's cracked up to be!

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