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5 Products to Help you Survive the Sun in Cancun

If you’re planning a trip to Cancun, this guide is a rundown of the items I’m thankful I brought, and the one’s I desperately wish I had the foresight to pack.

This past year, I had the opportunity to head to Mexico for the first time and to add to the list of firsts, I also stayed at an all-inclusive for the first time--which is a far cry from the PB&J packed road trips I grew up with.

The experience was incredible, and I humbly admit my mind is forever changed on all-inclusive resort vacations, but the great food, excursions, and experiences aside, here are the things you should make sure make it into your suitcase.


First, and definitively the most important, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen. I think we’re all in agreement at this point that sunscreen is a necessity regardless of location, but it is even more important in the hot Cancun sun. You’ll need face and body sunscreen and don’t forget to regularly reapply.

Face Sunscreen

The search for a good face sunscreen seems to be never ending. Lately, I have been using Dr.Jart sunscreen and it worked wonders in Cancun. That said, it does give a bit of a whitecast and seems to sit on the skin more than others I’ve tried so it’s not my go to for reapplying throughout the day, but it smells great and has quality coverage at an affordable price.

Body Sunscreen

This sunscreen has been a staple ever since a long hot day spent touring the temples in Thailand. Peers were passing out left and right from the heat, and the only thing that kept me

from the impending heat-stroke was the cool relief this spray gave me. This has been in my arsenal ever since. That said, any high SPF sunscreen should do and consider looking into the reef-safe

options if you plan on exploring the ocean.

After-Sun Lotion

Second to a good sunscreen, following up with a solid after-sun lotion is the key to a sleek vacation instead of a scaly getaway. I forgot to bring some after-sun lotion this past time and it was sorely missed. Prevent the peeling with a heavy hand of any after-sun lotion in between time at the beach--I recommend bringing at least a whole bottle.


I read several blogs prior to my trip and every single one said to bring a rashguard. I laughed at the idea, but decided to purchase one ‘just in case’. Thank god I did. I spent the majority of the time in one of these, and it was a great way to avoid frying in the midday sun.

SPF Chapstick

Another rookie mistake I made was skipping on the SPF chapstick. Your lips can get sunburned too, and that puts a damper on the whole beach vacation.


Last but not least, keep a hat on hand. Nothing is worse than a sunburned scalp. My head hurts just thinking about my trip there and my blatant disregard for this important item. Any style hat of your choosing will do as long as it keeps you covered.


I hope you’ll love Cancun as much as I did. Whether you’re at an all-inclusive or a hostel, remember to protect your skin, drink lots of water, and soak in that sun...responsibly.

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