Kayla Volturno

Kayla enjoys making dream trips become a reality for her clients. Her love for beach getaways makes her an ideal person to help you plan your relaxing beach vacation. She also has vast knowledge on Disney World vacations.  


What do you like the travel industry? 

The travel industry is always evolving and changing. I like the fact that you constantly are learning more and new things everyday which makes it so much fun. I also love learning about new places that I never would’ve thought about traveling to. 

Favorite travel location? 

My favorite place to travel is the Caribbean. I am a huge beach lover so anytime I can see crystal blue water that is a good trip for me! 

Favorite travel memory? 

While traveling I would have to say my favorite travel memory would have to be zip lining through the jungle of Mexico. I have a huge fear of heights and I was able to conquer my fears and be able to just see the beauty of the jungle. I would definitely recommend zip lining!

Most memorable travel experience while working at Ambassador Travel? 

Budapest, Hungary

Paris, France 

Bora Bora, French Polynesia