Madeline Foord

Madeline wants to make your travel dreams come true--without all the headaches that can pop up while planning much-needed getaways. As a child, she spent most years squished into her family’s big red van with all 6 of her siblings, traveling from one side of the United States to the other. As an adult, she still finds herself drawn to a life on the move--from nannying in Italy, to teaching English in Thailand, to studying in France--she has found new ways to express her love for travel and carries many cherished stories to share with family and friends. Now, she wants to help you make memories and share your stories with loved ones too. A dreamer and a doer, she will do everything she can to ensure you have the best adventure possible. 

Follow her latest goings-on @madfo.o_travels 

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What do you like about the travel industry? 

Traveling, to me, is all about connecting. Connecting to new places, new people, new cultures, new experiences, new ideas, new food, and more. I love the travel industry because it helps me connect and grow with the world around me.  

Favorite travel location? 

So far, Chieri, Italy where I nannied for 3 months.

Favorite travel memory? 

Our closing ceremony for Prince of Songkhla University where I shared gifts, stories, lots of laughter, and many tears with my students after a whirlwind adventure throughout Thailand with them.

Current three bucket list destinations? 

Morocco, Japan, New Zealand