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Amber Zakem

Amber has been in the travel industry since 2014. She is our Marketing Director and handles all of our digital aspects. She loves traveling the world and telling a story through our online presence. Follow Ambassador Travel on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep connect with us. Click here to meet the rest of the team. 


What do you like about the travel industry? 

The travel industry is the perfect industry to be in when you work in marketing and social media. There are endless options for great photos and videos, and who doesn't want their industry to focus on vacation! 

Favorite travel location? 

This one is hard to choose, I love Europe as a whole, but Ireland, Germany and Greece are top choices for me! 

Favorite travel memory? 

I got to meet my Grandpa's cousins in Ireland when I was there in 2017. We have stayed in touch and I went back to visit them in 2019 as well! 

Most memorable travel experience while working at Ambassador Travel? 

My honeymoon! I got to go on a Viking River Cruise through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. It was beautiful and it made me fall in love with river cruising. 

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